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Workplace Case Study

Running head : Lincoln bank





Work place Case Study : Lincoln bank


Banking applications , for example Teller insight ,Mentavante insight , as well as Operations Desktop , Banker insight , loan as well as mortgage original tools , video conferencing , Microsoft Office , email ,internet ,Polycom Web Office . Consolidations of these banking applications within the banking industry are creating confrontational challenges for community institutions of finance such as Milwaukee-based Lincoln State Bank (Pierson , 1990 ,


In for it to compete against behemoths such as Bank of America as

br well as smaller local rivals , the retail bank has to maintain strong relationship with its customers . It also has to ensure a full-range of banking services

Today this 80-year old institution boasts of assets worth 435 million It has to accomplish both of these missions with the support of other institutions as well as companies . In addition , it requires advanced telephone communications and fast reliable access to networked applications for its personnel , from loan officers to the president as well as tellers (Pierson , 1990 ,


The biggest concern of Lincoln State Bank was to shore up its telephony which is its most frequent turn point (Pierson , 1990 ,

.57 . It therefore turned its attention to data solution it then chose 3com small business switches (Pierson , 1990 ,


The use of 3com had its benefits which Lincoln state Bank studied how it had helped other small business systems , as a result the bank is now more responsive to its customers , and accessible than ever before

The 3com solutions address the technological needs as well as business needs . It has optimized the banking applications as well as provided the telephone features that keep the bank accessible to its customers . The employees of the bank are now often on the move . The banks NBX system has the features , such as call forwarding , in to support the work style Also , the handsets are now always familiar with the functions of the nearest phone (Pierson , 1990 ,



Lincoln State Bank has a future . It has improved its customer service and it is also able to retain them . The number of customers increases on daily basis , because the bank did more than enough for itself


Pierson , C . F (1990 The Education of American Businessmen A Study of University-College Programs in Business Administration McGraw- Hill New York


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