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Work that Matters Should Be Work that Counts

Running Head : EDUCATION

Issues in Education

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The article entitled Work that matters should be work that counts written by Mary Taylor Huber and Rebecca Cox (n .d , provides a discussion of the outputs of educators who take the risk of immersing their selves into academic inquiries in the field of teaching to address the problems they see necessary . They do this with the goal of making an alternative means by which the learning process

could be improved However , these efforts are left unrecognized or underappreciated and even leads to the disruption of their teaching activities (Huber and Cox , n .d

There is really a great need to have positive regard of the research findings of the educators who take the time to think of innovative ideas . Education is a field that should not be considered as a stand-alone stagnant field where no innovation is needed . In fact , it is the opposite view which is needed . With the emerging trends and challenges that make the field a very dynamic one . These emerging trends and challenges are posing new challenges such as a more culturally-diverse classroom , a global reach of students , alternative settings of classroom interaction , and many more that are brought about by the seemingly limitless possibilities provided by modernization . The ability of innovative minds of certain educators is the one which enables them to keep up with the demands of the previously mentioned challenges

Recognition for the innovative way that the teachers find to address the concerns they see within and beyond the four walls of the classroom at are times rewarded by intrinsic and extrinsic means . It is necessary for them to receive ample recognition which is at par with the contribution they made to the field of psychology . The recognition will serve as the signal for the encouragement of more innovations and creative ideas that will enhance and make learning suit the new environment


Huber , M . T . and Cox , R (n .d . Work that matters should be work that counts . Retrieved June 19 , 2008 , from http /www .carnegiefoundation .org /perspectives /sub .asp ?key 245 subkey 58 1

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