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Words on the page, Words on the Wire Part 2


How Media Shapes Scientific Information

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How Media Shapes Scientific Information

The advent of technology has affected our lives up to its little aspects . The advancement technology is evident on the media we have today . From the news s published yesterdays , man still quenches for a quicker information setting that is why we are now experiencing a cybernetic age where information is easily accessible in the midst by the utilization of televisions , radios

, and more importantly the World Wide Web by the use of a computer . Media is an important role in shaping the insights and views of the humanity . It has influenced the people on what to buy through advertisements , what is new to wear through fashion updates , what is the hottest news through news forecasts and entertainment through various TV shows

Today , computer evolution and advancement is inevitable . It enabled people to go beyond the bs of communication . Today technology and mass media go hand in hand in development . Through the utilization of media , science and technology gives a wide knowledge in a brisk of seconds . One can easily know that there is an outbreak of diseases through media . One can know the updates of science and technology in a glimpse

This represents the function of media in the scientific world as science needs to be broadcasted for public scrutiny . When technology develops media benefits , this is how media and technology interact Hence , the scientific community has the power to determine which stories in the realm of science and technology which shall be disseminated (Smith , 1981

But the problem lies on the ethical standards especially in the internet where there is no clear demarcation line between private to public standards . Ethics on ownership is difficult to define when dealing with computer ethics . Gurniak-Kocikowska points out that internet are a global character wherein the degree of entrance to ones site is still undefined whether private or public . Thus , he included it as a global ethical problem as it involves us due to widespread increase of mobile information and communication due to internet . Still he points out that computer revolution and ethics is a philosophical debate we should resolve . Although there are many laws today regarding computer ethics , there still exist rampant misconceptions on information sharing through the internet especially in the sphere of science and technology where information access is dynamic (Gurniak-Kocikowska , 2002

Media is a great factor in shaping our views and setting ethical standards is still in heat to ponder on . Media affects us in our way of thinking . It is up to us to know our personal ethics and morality . It is therefore important that we know the pros and cons of media and information sharing especially through the internet . At the end of the day , as the science and technology progresses , media goes with it . The informational transmittance through media is still dependent on how technology advances . It is evident...

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