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Womens rights in Afghanistan

The Silent Screams of the Veiled Women (A Research on the Afghan Women of Then and Now ) The Silent Screams of the Veiled Women

Afghanistan , located in Central Asia , is a culturally-mixed nation that houses a diversity of ethnolinguistic groups , religions , races and traditions . However , vast majority of its population practices the religion Islam , which actually binds the people together . Being an Islamic country , Mohammed 's teaching is incredibly strong that it has been , and still is , part of the Afghan 's everyday living . But misconceptions arose from the teachings of Quran

and among those who suffered from such are the Afghan women , who for years , had their undying efforts and struggle in pursuit of the goal they are longing for - freedom , rights and equality

Islam , for more than 1400 years , instilled that men and women be equal before Allah . It gave women a number of privileges same as those given to men , including the right to vote , right to work , right to inheritance , even as much as right to choose their life-long partners But numerous misconceptions about the status of women in Islam emerged particularly in the concept of submission ' Many countries practice what they called Islamic ' or Quranic ' teachings in which women are traditionally subdued and oppressed , thus , these are very unforgiving acts . In the case of Afghanistan , such rights and privileges are denied of the Afghan women , making their life under a very Islamic country rather miserable , if not devastating

One misconception in Islamic teachings that affected Afghan women (especially under Taliban rule which will be discussed later ) is the strict instruction that they ought to wear veil , or hijab , wherever and whenever . They are forbidden to be seen in public unveiled but the truth is that the Quran does not oblige them or even mention of wearing such garment , as the wearing of hijab is traditional , rather than religious What the Quran imposed is that women must (1 ) wear the best garment - the garment of righteousness (2 ) cover their bosoms and (3 ) lengthen their garments . Nothing more , nothing less

Years of government instability , in terms of economic and political aspects , have continuously affecting the status of women in Afghanistan as well . Before Afghanistan fall under Soviet power , women are revered equally , if not highly by the society , having significant rights and massive opportunities . But at the peak of Soviet occupation , women took a rather rougher road .Women at this period , began enjoying the bitter fruits of the teachings of Islam , and foreign invasion . Such denial of privileges may have been enforced by the government through special decrees , or by their own family (particularly their father , husband and brother . Afghan women were forbidden to have an occupation , to wander in their city unaccompanied by a male , to be seen unveiled , and even seek medical attention from a male medical practitioner

Much more discriminations and restrictions were experienced by Afghan women during the reign of the Taliban , or the Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement - a Sunni...

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