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Paper Topic:

Women study


Professor Marika Warren

WOMN 1530 A02

September 25 , 2007

Critical Response 1

For women to be denied a sense of their own indeed , to be informed that there exists no history worth recounting - is to suggest that they have been shaped by something other than history (Strong-Boag Gleason , and Perry , 1

The study of women is not only for women alone but also for men because it is one way of respecting women to be part of sociological intervention . Women are always involved in different kinds of

sociological interaction - politics , economy , entertainment , leisure communication , etc . and sometimes women are greater than what men can offer to the society . Historically , men are known for its masculinity and its being macho but there are times that women can do better than what are men can do

Personally , I can say that the statement above has a deep impact towards the status of women in the society . This statement raises the significance of women as an individual and not as a subject of oppression . For me , though women are part of the history , it is not right to justify women as only part of men 's subjective being because women have their own identity and individuality

In to locate the contribution of women to history , some organizations and academes are searching for historical facts and data to solve the minimal accounts of women studies

The first solution was to locate the great women of the past , following the lead of much popular historiography that focuses on "great men The problem here is that just as the "great men " approach to history sidelines and ignores the lives of the mass of people , focusing on great women merely replicates the exclusionary historical approaches of the past (Halsall , 1998

In the study of women , there are some problems when it comes to their history because men 's contribution is more important in history so women 's contribution will set aside and give way to the success of men To minimize the problem , scholars and some academic institutions are doing their best to give women studies further acknowledgment in the society where men usually rules

In connection with the statement above , women has no civil rights in the past because they were only one of men or society 's property . In this case , women are known for its physical aspect and not its emotional and mental aspect because women are not free from everything . Therefore the acts of great women are not encouraged to be factual because these are meaningless in the past

According to some historians , not only did history shaped women but then there are other factors rather more influential than history Because women are only instrument that nurture the lives of men , it became a social control rather than being a social stability . History also shows that women are not citizens of the society it was later then when women started building their own distinctiveness to be part of the society...

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