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Women serial killers vs. Men serial killers

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Women Serial Killers vs . Men Serial Killers


If we analyzed there are several aspects are same in Serial killing , by all accounts , became a career alternative at the turn of the century Serial killing of men and women and its representations have by now mainly relocate the Western as the majority popular genre-fiction of the body and of physical aggression in our civilization , though it might be argued that serial killing symbolize less the substitute of such stories

of male recurring violence than their continuance by additional means But "accounting for " this style of addictive aggression , and its charm is a further story . And in fact such accounts , on together expert and well-liked fronts , have in result stage rather than particular such fascinations , hence performance , in effect , as something of a remedy to registering their most fundamental educational implications . Which is perhaps one sign of the strange complex of concerns sexual socio-economic , and representative or aesthetic that the notion of the serial killer makes able to be seen , and draws into relation (Abrahamsen D . 2003

At this beginning , I want to consider a few of the relays flanked by serial killing and this multifaceted of relations . More precisely , I want to set out , in very beginning fashion , some of the relays flanked by serial killing and what I have elsewhere explain as the body-machine multifaceted (Bodies and Machines . The intention here is to trace the links among the difficulty of serial murder and the more general difficulty of the body in "machine culture : to trace , that is , the forms of recurring and addictive aggression produced , or solicited , by the styles of manufacture and imitation that make up mechanism culture (Apsche J . A . 2003

Serial Killer

The focus here will be on what would appear to be the essence of the phenomenon of this particular criminal . The definition of a serial murderer , which parameters this book will be operating under , will therefore be narrow . There will be an attempt to identify a very specific psychological dynamic , in theory . Mass murderers and spree killers , for example , are not included , as they appear to involve an entirely different set of psychodynamics

It is not difficult to detect some of the more general points of contact between murder and machine culture . For example : the term serial killer was coined in the mid-1970s by the FBI special agent Robert Ressler , who developed the psychological profiling technique that has become standard in the FBI 's Behavioral Sciences Unit . This "naming event " as he recently described it , had two sources (Alpert G .

. 2004

Men or Women Serial Killers

No doubt , serial murder is hardly ever a day goes by with no a fleeting reference to this look . It 's heard on television , in movies , in newss , and in daily conversation . More standard Americans are acquainted with who Jeffery Dahmer is than Jonas Salk . Everybody 's heard of serial killers . But who are they ? What makes a good-looking normal-appearing youthful law student murder dozens of women ? Why does a mild-mannered chocolate factory worker kill , dismember , and cannibalize persons he found good-looking , who came home by means of him on exacting nights ? What makes a serial killer kill

The subject of serial murder has been the focus of an inordinate amount of attention , research , debate , and often exploitation in recent years The sensationalism and emotional response the subject evokes makes it an easy target for articles , movies , true crime books , yellow journalism TV tabloids , and other money-making paraphernalia ranging from comic books to trading cards . However , sifting through this avalanche of sensationalism does yield a lining of true research and scientific study that might suggest answers to just who the serial killer is , and why The first difficult question is what exactly is a serial killer ? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) has one definition various theorists have others . Is it just someone who kills more than one person ? A hit man ? Is a mercenary a serial killer ? What about an abortion doctor ? The more the question is asked , the more answers there seem to be (Altheide D . L . 2002 , 473-92

Many definitions of serial murder are established by specific parameters , such as victimology , geographic location , and killer-victim relationships . Some feel serial killers must reveal a certain pattern or their victims must represent deeply rooted symbolism . Other theories include sex and dominance (American Psychiatric Association . 2001

Development of Serial Killer

One of the most controversial questions is that are some children just born badly ? The majority serial killers are a fatality of or are witnessed to aggressive violence at a very early age . Many other proceedings in childhood may also inspire a serial killer . Ed Kemper , a serial killer as a youngster took his sisters dolls heads off , have fun implementation games and said that he required to kiss his second grade teacher but he would have to kill her initial . In mainly cases , the parental mistreatment is seen barbaric and it also seems small speculate that a serial killer would come from such horrifying nastiness . As a child , Albert De Salvo the Boston Strangler was sold as a slave by his intoxicating and rude dad . Sadistic murderers depict their early days as a dreadful sexual mistreatment , torture and a sequence of mayhem . But we have to know that early day 's mistreatment is not a straight link to a future in crime though in most examples it is the case . An instance would be that a lot of girls are wronged as children , but only a few grow up to be an aggressive illegal (Andersen K . 2003 , 28-39

Women Serial Killers vs . Men Serial Killers

Parents who abuse their children physically and psychologically give their kids the idea that violence is a first resort to any challenge that comes up in life . As I will explain in further pages about brain diss , child abuse also affects the child health , which includes brain injuries , malnutrition and other development diss . These severe injuries to the head usually lead to violent behavior

Some parents consider that by being harsh authoritarian , it would strengthen the child . But instead , it makes a lack of love and can have disastrous consequences . Then the child learns not to trust anyone . If their parent gave up on them there is nobody in the world to trust . So as they grow up , it leads to isolation , where intense violent fantasies become the primary source of gratification . In other words , it becomes the only reason for committing the crime

Most criminal acts are deserted towards women since the mother throughout childhood has been described as too dominant , too far-away too reserved or sexually lively . Sadistic , Catholic parents adopted Joseph Kallinger , after a process at age 6 his mom told him that the operation was to keep his penis from rising . Since he never questioned his mom he believed what she said . His mother forced him to hold his hands over a flame , and beat him if he cried . Kallinger later grew up to be a receiving extreme pleasure in torturing others and became a sadistic parent himself . He drowned his 13-year-old son slowly not hearing his screams in pains just like his mother didn 't . One could draw the point that adoption is also a big factor . Adoption gives the child the idea that their biological parents have rejected them . There are many cases where the mother is a prostitute and the kid witnessed his mother giving pleasure to other men . In those sure cases , the child afterward kills prostitutes and those types of women (Atkinson R . 2004 14-15

Witnessing violence is also a huge factor in motivating serial killers More Americans become criminals because they are products of a culture that glorifies violence and greed . The media is a huge cluster of American Culture of violence . Ed Gein said that when he saw farm animals being slaughtered , it gave him perverted ideas . John Cage said that when he saw his dad beat her mom up , he developed the theory that aggressiveness wins all the time . After seeing violent movies , he created more ideas on committing crimes and handling problems and getting revenge for all the painful things that has occurred during his childhood . The society and media plays a huge role in today illegal world . Most perverted ideas are taken from TV . We see most violent movies being actually done after a week or so . Not just the movies Celebrities and sport stars show us the same ugly point too . You have to be muscular and be fit . Everyday in newss we read of a shooting Especially in New York City with the gathering of many cultures youa ?tmre not sure of what will happen to you the next second . The American Culture have given birth , raised and brought many serial killers . Numerous factors are involved such as aggressiveness during childhood till gang relations during adult years (Ault R . L . and Reese J . T . 2000

.a ? The German Serial Child Killer had already drowned 2 playmates at the age of 9 . As we could see , some genetics tends to violent behavior bad seeds and genetics form from a bad environment and family structure In this case , it is once more nature vs . nurture . Environment is always the reason behind abused and neglected children who grows up to be a delinquent person . The genetic explanations are seen more often than environmental factors . But environmental reasons aren 't uncommon . The genetic explanation is a discreet mutation somewhere down the line (Barnes M . 1984

Serial killers also tend to have criminal thrill seeking traits or an extra X (female ) or a Y (male ) chromosome . A high testosterone level with low levels of serotonin also is a big factor in motivating a serial killer . Testosterone is associated with the need of gaining dominance people such as businessman and athletes have a high level of testosterone with a normal level of serotonin . But , when serotonin levels are abnormally low , meaning the person tries to be the best at everything but can not productively attain what they want because of the low serotonin level , it tends to lead to violent , counting sadistic behavior , says Paul Bernhardt who demeanor studies in this area

According to many researchers , brain defects and injuries during childhood is a major factor in leading to delinquent behavior . The limbic brain is the part of the brain that controls emotion and motivation . When the limbic brain is damaged , the person loses control over primary emotions such as fear and rage . The criminal becomes known as cold-blooded killers since reptiles are cold blooded and are missing the limbic part of their brain . Because of the physical closeness of sexual and aggressive controlling parts within the hypothalamus , sexual instinct and violence become connected for lust murderers . The hypothalamus may be damaged through malnutrition or injury . An injury to the temporal lobe perhaps during childhood can also result in hair trigger violent reactions and increased aggressive responses . As a child , Ken Bianchi a serial killer , fell of a jungle gym and landed on the back of his head , injuring the temporal lobe . From these facts we could draw the point that some of the injuries to the brain are accidental . But a violent relationship and aggressive and harsh beating of the child causes most of the injuries perhaps to the head which later leads to criminal behavior

Case Study

An analysis of case histories shows a steady pattern of inherited biological and /or physical abnormalities in serial killers . Many such killers , over the course of their abusive upbringings , suffered head injuries and trauma directly for example , Henry Lee Lucas , Albert DeSalvo , and Bobby Joe Long . Head injuries have been known to cause markedly abnormal personality changes , as well as can affect higher brain functions , such as mediation of instincts (as in rage , aggression violence , and sexual gratification . The cerebral disturbances of some individuals are detected by neurological signs as temporal lobe epilepsy and electroencephalogram (EEG ) abnormalities . John Wayne Gacy is just one serial killer diagnosed with epilepsy . Others exhibit irregular EEGs under special circumstances for example , after drinking alcohol . One killer 's abnormal EEG was referred to as a "neurophysiological handicap that weakened his ability to resist the psychogenetically induced impulse to kill

The temptation is great to consider a person 's history of violence as the main precursor to further violence . However , not every child who is abused becomes a serial killer , just as not every child who is abused develops a multiple personality . Sometimes children in the same family subjected to the same abuse , take different psychological routes . One may develop a multiple personality and another , although experiencing problems , does not . There is an explanation for these differences , and it appears to be organic (Banay R . S . 2005


In conclusion , these factors and characteristics do not guarantee to motivate a serial killer . Many people have brain injuries that are non-violent . Many killers blame their families for their violent behavior . But that is not a good reason . As I have stated many times and supported my idea that many factors are involved in motivating a serial killer

The aspect of control is a needing further development . Issues of control are pervasive and consistent , but a closer look at this dimension has merit . For example , control-related behaviors during the offenses might be identified and examined . Similar backgrounds could also be considered

Regarding biological factors , recent studies linking serotonin levels impulsive violence , and suicide suggest possible analyses of suicidal behavior or ideation in serial killers . Additionally , studies continue to report correlations between genetics and behavior . Dopamine effects on thrill seeking and excitability (Studies find , 1996 , as well as the effects of nitric oxide on violent and sexually aggressive behavior (Toufexis , 1995 ) have been cited . These findings and others point to a need for exploration of the biological arena . Neurological studies consideration of infections , genetic analyses , and even brain examinations after death , as have been suggested regarding John Wayne Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer , would likely offer additional insight into this issue

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