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Women play an integral role in our contemporary society essentially women stand out as makers of any given society women work all the time and it is a rare scenario that we can ignore their appearance right from work , juggling several task like gardening , nursing a baby and back to office . However there can be a diverse meanings of feminism , each responsive for the needs and issues of women in different regions societies and times . Feminism is therefore , a political movement that expresses the concerns of women from different regions and

backgrounds Like all political movements it can be diverse in its issues , immediate goals , and methods adopted . But beneath this diversity , feminism has its unshakable commitment to breaking down structures of gender subordination and a vision for women as full and equal participants with men at all levels of societal life

The recognition of the existence of gender subordination and the need to break down its structures has often led to the wrong conclusion that engenders monolithic and universal issues , strategies and methods applicable to all women in all societies at all time . But apolitical movement that is potentially global in scope needs greater flexibility openness and sensitivity to issues and methods as defined different groups of women for themselves . Self definition is therefore a key ingredient to relevant political action


Recognition of diversity in issues and methods allows women to work for changes within existing structures or to work to transform those structures . It allows women to challenge and debate the connection between various immediate I issues and the ultimate vision of gender equality in more fruitful manner than the dramatic assertions of the true meaning of feminism . It makes it possible to form challenges with other organizations , to assent the need for autonomy , or to work within existing organizations as appropriate

It enables women to link the gender struggle against national racial and class oppression where these issues are bound together and depending on the politics and potential of other organizations have addressed some of the key issues that women entrepreneurs have identified as challenges Myriad micro-credit schemes have been postulated globally into hybrid lending institutions that combine some of the protections of the community based schemes . Since women usually have less access to credit they have set up their own means of saving and borrowing money in many countries

Various technologies for business models are being implemented by various governments to help women entrepreneurs get access to the applied science and technology in that their business are inclined into bigger empires

Women and Technology


In a period of increasing unemployment and deep recession , training has become what was before a central political issue . It is therefore very important that women have access to forms of training which will give them opportunities for either entry or promotion it is equally important that the forms of training which will give them opportunities for either entry or promotion . It is equally important that the form...

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