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Paper Topic:

Woman in Gothic Art

Date : August 6 , 2007

To : Professor Robert Rubyan

From : Moran Benjamin , BMCC Art 110 , Date Time of Class

Subject : Anonymous Woman

Title : Woman in Gothic Art

Artist : Unknown

Date : late 16th Century (estimated

Place : Found in France

Culture : Gothic

Medium : Oil Painting

p When I look at the painting of an anonymous gothic woman created by a yet anonymous artist , the most prominent emotion that I feel is wonder I think about the peculiar way that the woman is dressed and the facial features that her painter

had given her . I know of current gothic art and gothic apparel yet these do not seem to match this particular painting . I believe that the artist wants to tell me something about the woman it could be her attitude , her position in society , and some other things that were the norm during the times that the painting was drawn It could be that the artist drew the perception of the woman during a particular point in time for a particular society . That is the primary area that I would like to investigate . I would like to discover what can be drawn from the painting that could be attributed to gothic literature , history , or art that existed during the era when the painting was supposedly created...

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