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“What is Wisdom?”

PART I . Has your view of Wisdom changed since the beginning of the course

As I come to see how the facts in my life relate to each other , I begin to develop an understanding . Understanding perceives relationships among facts that are important . As I develop an understanding , I become able to use my knowledge

In fact , as my understanding deepens , I can move toward wisdom . I do this to the degree that , in each situation where I am , I strive consciously to understand how life in that situation can be nourishing

br for me and for the other people there (Shah , 1972 , 149-150

Continuing along the path of wisdom , at last a person begins to experience something that is greater than the knowledge , understanding and wisdom . At that stage , one experiences the sense of beauty and deep transpersonal love that through the ages has defied man 's attempts to define it . Most of us have known brief flickers of this state of consciousness . When I feel that way , I am centered in my world , and my life itself is statement of the art of living

When an obstacle blocks my path or threatens an enterprise I want to carry out . I do better to stop and assess the situation than to push blindly forward . Once I have a clear view of the forces at work , I may find a way around the obstacle . Sometimes when I pause to understand an obstacle , I realize that what I 'd planned to do does not fit the situation

It may not be right for me or for other people who are affected , or may conflict with more powerful forces that are at work . In any case , I can withdraw from that project and do something else . Living through difficult situations is an important way to learn , if I use my eyes and ears , my reason and my imagination , and stay in touch with my heart and my intuition

Out of such learning can grow strength and wisdom . Out of this strength and wisdom comes the power to move past obstacles that would once have stopped me easily . Indeed , there is much wisdom in the old Zen saying When an ordinary man attains knowledge , he is a sage when a sage attains understanding , he is an ordinary man (Miura and Sasaki , 121

PART II . Whose view (Socrates , Thoreau , Huxley , Pieper , or Frank ) seems to be the most reasonable ? Why

The most reasonable quote about wisdom that has been written is that of The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing (Pearls of Wisdom , 2007 ) The quotation was written by Socrates and it provides a clear example of the meaning of the word wisdom

It is though by many people that wisdom is a term that is used when an individual is aware of all the happenings of the world and is clear about the problems that he / she is about to face before it really happens . However , this is not always the...

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