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`Wireless technology is compatible with other parts of information systems` OR `Wireless technology is difficult to connect to other parts of information systems`


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Compatibility of Wireless Technology with other Systems


Wireless technology is compatible with other parts of information systems . Due to their increased acceptance by most organizations devices are now being developed to incorporate wireless functions and capabilities . These devices are designed to communicate with each other regardless of the manufacturing company . Almost every new gadget or device comes with wireless interfaces . PDAs , Blackberry and windows mobile phones all come equipped with functions that

ensure that people can have access to their mails and any other relevant information wherever they are and no matter the time of day . Mobility is a major factor that has contributed to the deployment and compatibility of most wireless devices in the world today

Wireless Mobile communications began in Japan in December 1979 but by the end of July 1999 , the number of subscribers was over 50 million . The younger generation constitutes a generous number of the people attracted to wireless devices . The exponential rate at which people are drawn to the internet has created a market for manufacturers that revolves around introducing compatible devices and gadgets (Safecom , n .d

Wireless devices provide a convenient means of transferring data and exchanging information amongst different devices . Wireless Technology can be seen in devices like mobile phones , FM radios , wireless LANS laptops , video conferencing , automated highway systems and numerous home appliances

Existing wireless technologies are available as one of Global System for Mobile...

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