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William Congreve: The Way of the World


On The Way Of The World

William Congreve (your Name (University /school (Subject (Professor


Marriage is a very complicated issue . Especially if the two people entering into a marriage contract have very different goals in mind Even if the two people love each other , they are sometimes bound to consider the people around them , like relatives , friends , and society Love and commitment to that love is the most important factor in getting married but there are so many issues that can bind the

true nature of what marriage is about . During ancient times getting married meant a whatever he wants her to do . It was indeed a sacrifice for a woman getting into a contract of marriage . This will discuss a different idea about marriage during seventeenth century . What Mary Astell has to say about marriage ? What Philips wants her reader to understand in her poem ? Or how the play On the Way of the World differs to each of those authors idea ? One should know that marriage is a sacred ceremony , impressed in the fleshy hearts of man and women etched in the concrete foundations of our commitment , and a blessing brought down from God . Not only just a mere contract written in the adhered to by the laws on justice On The Way Of The World ' is a play that shows a different kind of...

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