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WikiPedia Website ( Module 4 SLP)

Evaluation - Wikipedia






Evaluation - Wikipedia

Review - Creation and maintenance

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is free , multilingual editable , and is formed by collaborative efforts throughout the world Wikipedia was first created in the year 2001 , and over the past eight years , the website has grown several times . Today more than 65 million people visit the web site every month . More than 13 , 000 , 000 articles are present on Wikipedia and more than 75000 and researchers from various part of the world

make contributions to the website regularly . Wikipedia works in about 260 languages throughout the world In English more than 3 , 000 , 000 articles exist . A user can visit the Wikipedia web site to search information , edit information , create new articles , etc . A person who is visiting the Wikipedia web site can make valuable contributions . The person need not demonstrate the experience or the training in the field . Once the information is written on the Wikipedia web page , another person can edit the information . A person using Wikipedia need not worry of removing or adding information as this would be taken care of by the company personnel . A user can contribute to the Wikipedia website in different ways including providing information , citation , references , etc . The company is making a strong effort to prevent start s on various subject matters , keeping in mind the people 's requirements

Summary of its structure and purpose

The summary article on distance education is a focusing in...

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