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Why I want to study Elementary Education

A couple of years ago , I had to sit out a party in favor of babysitting my little cousin . He was just eight years old then and he attended an elementary school in our area . After class , his mother took him to our house so that I can take care him while she went on a business trip . I was looking forward to a boring evening in front of the television when he tugged on my sleeves . He said he wanted some help with his homework I spent the rest of the day teaching

him how to read and count and I still remember that experience vividly because it was what first inspired me to seek out a career in elementary education . The experience of seeing his face light up when he learned the day 's lesson gave me the most rewarding feeling I have ever had

I have read that it is the early stages in the child 's development that matters most with respect to the child 's education . Fundamentals need to be established at the beginning so that future learning experiences may have something to build on . This makes elementary education the foundation of a child 's mental and emotional development . Not only is a child 's elementary years the time for understanding of basic concepts in various subjects , it is also the time that the child grows emotionally Being a part of that developmental phenomenon is a wonderful vocation that carries huge responsibilities . That idea fascinates me so much that I would like to find the ways by which different types of young learners know best . It is this passion for teaching the young that urges me to pursue a degree in elementary education and make it a lifetime commitment...

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