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Why soccer is not famous in usa?






Why soccer is not famous in United States

Many people around the world refer football as the official name for soccer and therefore according to them the two names are simply Synonymous . However in America , football is very different from soccer Football is used in western countries to mean American football (Colin 46 . The major difference between American football and soccer arise from the rules and technicalities of the two (Morrow 23 . In soccer , the only person who can touch the ball using

hands is the goal keeper the rest can only use the legs and the rest of the body to handle the ball The ball is kicked by the players all round the field aiming to score at the opponent goal . On the other hand , in Football the ball is carried by hand or thrown by hand only and only person allowed to kick the goal is the kicker and the punter . The team aims at a touch line or turning the ball to the other team (24

Nevertheless , the two sports have similarities in that they are played very hard and rough . Both sports are in most cases thought to be brutal and masculine hence attracting very few women to like the game . Football players wear full helmet and pads for protection while their soccer counterparts wear pads and other protective materials . The fans for both sports are similar in their love for the sport , they separate according to the team they...

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