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Why is revision necessary


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Importance of Revision

Writing is a multi-faceted activity that involves extensive planning and research . It entails producing a draft that represents well-thought out ideas in the form of a document . Writing is a continuous process of discovery and we don 't always produce our best work the first time we try . One of the most important aspects of writing is revision (Hairston Friend , 2002

Revision is not limited to spell checking and grammar checking (Zinsser

, 2001 . It is a comprehensive review of an entire document with the sole objective of improving its overall structure consistency and accuracy . It may be time-consuming and a bit of a challenge but with practice and continuous knowledge acquisition , it can be achieved easily

Revision is necessary in to get the best out of the written document . In the process of producing a piece of written work it is almost inevitable that mistakes will be made . This is the point where revision comes in . Revision is usually done to correct existing errors and eliminate ambiguities within the document . It also helps the reader to discover whether the piece of work communicates the intended message to the reader . There are times when we produce documents and we need to go over them again to clarify ambiguity and inconsistencies

Generally , revision gives the writer a chance to improve and flesh out the document by correcting grammatical errors , rephrasing statements with the right...

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