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Why should we protect endanger species?




Why Should We Protect Endangered Species

I . Introduction

People argued that extinction comes naturally . It is part of a natural selection that if species no longer have the capability to adapt to the changes of its environment , the species will be extinct . People argued that relating to the theory of evolution , it is the way of the world where the fittest grows and the weak replaced . It is Mother Nature and not the human species who decides what species must face it end

and what species should survive . If plants and animals extinction are considered a natural phenomena , then why must we spend billions of dollars and cents on helping endangered species ? Would not that dollars and cents be better spent on more important issues like global poverty or national security

The question Why , is the basic argument of human activities in preventing extinction . Despite many conclusions has been made in favor of extinction prevention concepts , practices still displayed that environmental consideration is a little unpopular ' if not highly discriminated by other ideas

Concerning the issues , this will contribute several ideas to the argument in effort of providing basis for a stronger conclusion toward the argument . For a logical understanding toward the proposed ideas this will first elaborate the current condition of endangered species , the causes and effect of extinction , and the benefits of having a natural diversity . The ideas will then based on the elaboration and concluded in the final chapter of the II . Endangered Animals and Plants

One of the stories of endangered animals is the story of Sumatra Tiger The species is being hunted to the brink of extinction . From estimation that only 500 left on the island , 50 are killed by poaches each year ( Sumatra . Similar story are about the white tiger . Although not considered as a different species of tiger , the obvious difference of color due to the domination of recessive gene attract poaches and collectors ( White Tiger . Other animal which habitats are ruined and hunted by man is the Indian rhinoceros ( Indian Rhinoceros

In the United States alone , on 2003 , 743 species of plants and 513 species of animals are considered threatened or endangered . The number represents approximately one-third of the animal and plant population Almost 70 of the nation 's freshwater mussel species and more than half of the crayfish populations are considered endangered ( Why Should

Worldwide , 58 of the world 's reefs and 34 of all fish species are considered to be endangered . declared endangered . The number of endangered plants is even estimated to be several times larger . According to recent discoveries , the number of species (animal or plants ) inhabited the planet has currently decreased to be only one-twenty of its original size (Kurpis

III . Causes of Extinction

Since the 1620 , when American ancestor landed on Plymouth Rock , more that 500 species and varieties of the nation 's plants and animals have become extinct . The number stated that since 1620 , the planet...

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