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Paper Topic:

Why people travel to far away places


This work would not have been completed without the support I received There several other people that contributed greatly in making it happen I am particularly grateful to my daughter , my mother , my father , my brother and my colleagues from the University

I would also like to thank my supervisor Chris Rob for his assistance and guidance


The aims and objectives of this major piece of work are to demonstrate an understanding of the resources gathered throughout the course BA (Honors ) in Tourism Management over the past

three years

It is a great opportunity for me to carry out an individual research piece , in a that is of great interest to me as it matches my future career ambitions . Hence , I expect to have acquired enough knowledge after this research work and be more confident and ready to take on new challenges in a professional environment in a Tourism related role

Similarly I expect to have improved my project management skills , with great emphasis placed particularly on running a project from start to completion , time and risks management and other challenges that are likely to occur when working on a given project

The objectives of this work clearly match the learning outcomes of the course as stated in the course handbook and listed below

Plan and execute a sustained piece of independent research

Define and analyze a complex business problem

Integrate academic knowledge and practical applications

Define appropriate research objectives and design a corresponding research strategy

Manage a large , sustained task independently

Plan and control a project over an extended period and to meet Critically assess theoretical concepts , research methodologies , sources of data , and personal practice

Synthesize and reflect on a range of sources and the application of theory in practical situations

Learn from experience

Make effective use of academic journals

Collect , manage and analyze data appropriately

Attain high standards in referencing the use of primary and secondary materials

Structure and write up large amounts of material

Present and discuss data appropriately

Draw conclusions and where appropriate recommendations effectively

Source : Course Handbook , Dissertation MARK1024 (2007 - 2008

The content of this dissertation aims to answer the key questions relating to why people would want to leave their native country and to assess what motivational factors may influence perceptions about a destination

The research is supported by data from a sample of five individuals who were interviewed about their opinions relating to travel and choice of destination . The study has the restriction of being limited to a small number of people . However , these findings provide scope for further investigation , namely extending to a wider audience and by cross-referencing tourists for example with different incentives and nationalities

This study contributes to the overall understanding of why tourists adopt specific behaviors . With so many options available to tourists in the twenty first century it is central to those working in the tourism sector , businesses and commercial ventures to understand some of the patterns and rationale surrounding choice and level...

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