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Why are some people more successful than others in college?

Why Are Some People More Successful Than Others in College


Why Are Some People More Successful Than Others in College

College is a daunting endeavor . As if high school is not enough , a student going through college often faces a tough reality check . College is not a higher level of education for nothing . It is a demanding undertaking if one is to graduate with academic substance . It is a whole different world for a young person to adjust to . Latest figures show that just 54 percent of students entering four-year colleges

in 1997 had a degree six years later ( U .S . College . Clearly although many are called to enter college , only a few succeed

Having a college degree has its advantages . In this day and age economic prosperity is one of the significant drives to aspire for a college degree . It is a fact that college degree holders are more likely to earn more than those who do not have a college diploma Despite this fact , however , college drop out rates continue to be alarming . Hunter R . Boylan , Director of the National Center for Developmental Education pointed many reasons some students do not do well in college . He enumerated personal autonomy , self-confidence ability to deal with racism , study behaviors , or social competence ( On Course Principles ) apart from lack of academic preparedness ( On Course Principles ) which may matter as much or even more to students ' survival in college

College is about mastery of the course . Learning the material by heart is a significant factor in passing college . It is not about route memorization of texts but about grasping the subject matter in to attain a level of academic competence and confidence . The road to fulfilling that is not smooth ( Academic Expectations Student campus engagement affects retention rates of students in universities . This would not be limited to academic aspects only but also include other aspects for college students to feel they belong enough to stay all the way until graduation . Research studies exposed that participation in college life has a strong relevance in student learning and student retention . In their article , Steve Fishman and Lisa Decandia wrote that the more actively engaged students are - with college faculty and staff , with other students , with the subject matter being learned - the more likely they are to persist in their college studies and to achieve at higher levels ( Facilitating Student and Staff Success . Increased social and academic association in the campus community results in a higher ratio of retention of college students due to a boost of confidence , motivation and commitment to persist and see their undertakings through ( Facilitating Student and Staff Success A lot of college students work to pay college tuition fees and this is especially true in low-income families . This is a heavy responsibility to bear that it is easy to choose the road most college students travel drop out . Some working college students from low-income families are attracted to the paycheck that they opt to drop out instead...

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