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Why did you participate in the volunteer activities you listed in the Clinical, Volunteer and Community Service section? What did you gain from participating in these activities?

br Why did you participate in the volunteer activities you listed in the Clinical , Volunteer and Community Service section ? What did you gain from participating in these activities

I have learned that education and learning is not limited to the classroom-teacher-student setting alone . That particular educational style is only effective in teaching a student theories that should have an actual avenue for application . Or , if you are a person who is thinking of entering a particular field , such as dentistry , the best way to find out if you actually have what it

takes to do the job is by joining volunteer activities where you can personally observe the work and talk to the professionals who can give you an idea of what you will be getting yourself into for the long haul . These are just some of the reasons that I decided to engage in volunteer activities

While I was participating in the volunteer activities , I got a chance to interact with a community and assist various medical professionals such as doctors , nurses , dentists , in their actual duties that helped me understand the more intricate demands of the medical profession . I specifically requested to be allowed to assist in the Dentistry activities because that is the field I want to specialize in . In doing so , I learned about how the poor communities need more adequate free dental care because they will never go to a dentist if it means having to spend money that they do not have

Aside from learning about the way that the doctor-patient relationship is of a different dynamic in such communities , I also learned that the volunteer doctors have to work with less equipment but still deliver high quality dental jobs . This got me to thinking about how I can be of help to these communities when I finish my Dentistry studies . I learned that I have a soft spot for these people and I will do my best to set up a free dental clinic for their community where I will personally attend to their dental needs with the respect , compassion , and care that they deserve...

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