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Why do you wish to become an optometrist? How did you reach this decision?

Why do you wish to become an optometrist ? How did you reach this decision

Napve was I , when attending my first year in high school in America thinking that besides receiving the best grades possible , participating into club activities , taking leadership roles , there was nothing else to think about . Students were already with their mind set into what university to apply to , what they will be when grown up . Everybody had a story of when they were a child how a firefighter saved his /her life and he /she eventually wanted to

be one to . I was ashamed to say that no one saved my life , not a firefighter , not even a police man and the only heroes in my life were my parents . However , I did not want to do what they were involved in . I just knew that I like helping those in need , I like leading those that need to be led , and I thought it amazing to know that I can make people smile (in my own simple way

One day , during my English class , one of the school ESL teachers invited blind children to our classroom . She challenged us to walk around blindfolded for the whole day and experience their reality of the world Besides realizing that it is almost impossible to do that for a few hours without feeling frustrated and mad , I could not understand how they do it . I wanted to help them , make a difference in their lives somehow . It seemed that out of all the senses , losing sense of sight is the hardest to endure . And yet they , the blind children , really were surviving and living as how more fortunate individuals do . From then on I sought to find ways on how I can help not only blind people but those individuals who have eye defects

Eventually , I apprehended that there was really an effective way on how I can actualize such desired vocation - and that is by undertaking a profession that would allow me to gain knowledge and skills in curing and treating people who have eye deficiencies . Of course I also have to earn money for my family and own sake but I would not be contented by such objective . I really want to help those people who have eye diss and diseases . And so I decided to carry out these two ultimate goals by obtaining a degree in Optometry . And after finishing it , my vocation to help people would finally come true

Shadowing optometrists specializing in different areas like low vision visual therapy , and contact lenses has provided me great insight into the , yet , unknown world of optometry . I have seen with what mutual joy doctors enlighten the patients ' lives , and patients surprise of a new world the first time they put on a pair of glasses . For me , it is the most precious reward that a doctor can received something that is more than money and luxury

The thought that I would be able to make...

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