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Why men make more money than women

Now in for these women to gain a living , they then opt to work in informal sectors which are not so strict with regards to race and gender . Unfortunately , these informal sectors are generally characterized by destitute working conditions , as well as provide minimum to no social protection and very small wages . This situation thus results in minority women being categorized as the lowest of the labor group . In addition , informal labor sectors do not have strict laws with regards to employment hence the rates of abuse and violence is high

. Women working in the informal labor sectors thus usually have poor physical conditions and are generally sick , either physically or mentally . In other situations , women migrate to another country to work as a domestic helper and are assigned to a specific employer . A domestic helper is expected to live in the residence of her employer but once the contract expires and the employer did not plan on renewing her contract , or when the employer was not satisfied with the performance of the domestic helper , she is immediately asked to leave the residence and the individual ends up homeless . This condition of living on the streets has a great chance of making a woman sick from exposure to the cold and from insufficient food and water . It has been reported that cases of firing or termination of contract of female domestic helpers has influenced world health . There are also cases wherein the female migrant domestic helper attempts to return to her home country but once she returns home , she is either very sick or already dead

These examples of gender-based situations , alongside racial discrimination is a serious issue among women because it ultimately affects their way of living as well as options with regards to how they could live their...

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