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Why handing in homework on time is important

Importance Of Handing In Homework On Time

Homework is meant to be used to track students ' progress in schoolwork It helps the tutor to assess how well the student is keeping up with the work being done in class . It is also a device for keeping the student busy while at home , away from the school environment . It assists the student to be able to do extra schoolwork away form the school . This makes it very important to both the student and the tutor

Handing in the homework on time thus helps the

tutor to observe on time where a student is having problem (s ) in the work being done in class and thus make necessary adjustments to help the student catch up with the knowledge being given in class . Late handing in of the homework means the tutor might have moved on to another by the time the student is handing in the homework and if there are problems with the student 's comprehension with the class work the tutor has to go back to the particular on which the homework was given . This slows down the learning process

Homework helps the student to learn better what has been done in re class for that day . Homework is always give as a self practice task for students to do on their own at home . This will allow them to solve problems from what they had learnt in school

Late handing in of the home work also smacks of the student being unserious and not being committed to the school work . It is the height of nonchalance on the part of the student . It makes one wonder what the student does at home when he leaves the school environment and cause for serious concern

Early handing in of homework makes the student look responsible and highly committed to his education while handing in the homework late shows otherwise . Since the purpose of education is for character and learning , late submission of homework shows indiscipline , lack of respect for constituted authority therefore a student that habitually turns in homework late is not qualified to be certified by the school as having passed through it

If simple things like homework cannot be turned in on time , keeping important appointments , engagements and dates might be difficult for a person that does not hand in homework on time

To be viewed as responsible , having respect for constituted authority commitment to learning and scholarship and respected by tutor and classmates , a good student should hand in his homework on time . He should make a priority of doing his homework himself and seeking assistance on places he has problems understanding and be ready to had in his homework at the stipulated date and time

Handing in homework late can lead to extra home work like the one I have to do now . To avoid having to do extra homework , it is necessary for a good student to hand in his homework on time


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