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Why did the fight to achieve woman suffrage (right to vote) take so long--over half a century and why was it finally successful?

Essay Question

Why did the fight to achieve woman suffrage particularly their right to vote take so long--over half a century and why was it finally successful

The history of the course of development of the present human society is known to be have many ethical problems and conflicts . These problems are basically caused by the diversity among the people due to innate unique characteristics and nature that are either bind individuals into group or differentiate the general group into diverse units . In this aspect the path of the development of

the social system and structure is indeed complicated

One of the most dominant ethical problems in the development of the society is the issue of the gender differences among the people resulting to conflicts and discrepancies to the social roles and responsibility of each respective gender group . Considering the tradition perspective , the society has established the basic social roles of both the men and the women reflecting the gender schism in the social structures and system . Ideally , men are responsible for the livelihood and the women are responsible for the household tasks however , the most influential in this sociological paradigm is the idea that men are more superior to women as their potentials and responsibilities are much more significant and wider than the later

A common manifestation of the said concept regarding the issue of the gender roles and responsibilities is the discrepancy in the political system and structure in the society . Traditionally , men are the only ones to have a responsibility or the right to be involve in the political system . They are the only ones who have the power to vote , be elected , participate and even share ideas and concepts . Women are not allowed to participate in the political activities of the society as their gender roles instituted them within the household boundaries . This social paradigm has caused conflicts and problems for the society as women also want to participate in the political system as existent members of the political region . Women felt the need to exercise their right to be in the election process and the political structure as the government activities also affect them as citizens of their respective countries . However , this concept was not easily accepted by their gender counterparts causing them to suffer in their attempt to achieve political rights

Men at first instinctively denied the participation of women in the political system starting with the basics which is their right to vote They have felt that the politics are their territory and that women intrusion to this field will only cause trouble and problems for all This is basically the manifestation of the superiority complex of the men 's group . Another reason for this denial is the view of the men group that women cannot handle or even survive their participation in the political structure as the social aspect is indeed competitive and critical as this is generally based on the nature and characteristics of the men gender . Men claim that women...

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