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Why should ethics be taught to college students?

Why should ethics be taught to college students

Why should we want to teach ethics to college students ? Come to think of it , could we , in fact , teach them virtue ? If by teaching ethics we mean to tutor , to instruct , to train , or to impart knowledge about how to differentiate right from wrong , ergo , how to be virtuous , are we justified in doing so ? Some educators like to say that we have to teach ethics to cause students to conform to moral standards acceptable to society . But what does this mean ? Whose moral

standards are we talking about ? In a society such as ours , whose one of the most obvious characteristics is its being very diverse , would it not suggest subordinating the moral practices and beliefs of other religious and ethnic groups ? In this context , would teaching ethics mean proselytizing students to the American idea of right and wrong ? Should it not humiliate , infuriate or , at the very least , confuse those coming from the other ethnic groups to the extent of doubting the moral standards under which they were brought up

American society has been diversified and enriched by immigration While this occurrence resulted to a colorful convergence of different cultures and ethnicities , college campuses became a hodgepodge of self-righteous 18-year-olds . Imagine , for one instance , a classroom which contains twenty college freshmen coming from twenty different religious and ethnic groups : how should we teach ethics to such a class knowing that not all religious and ethnic groups subscribe to the same moral standards ? Could we possibly cause these students to conform to moral standards acceptable to society ' For example , if a Muslim student claims that one of the reasons why his father has four wives is because divorce is a cruel way of throwing a woman out of a man 's life how would the son of a four-time divorcee defend his own father from such an insinuation ? How will the professor of ethics decide the issue Would a stalemate , which in this case seems inevitable , cause students in the class to conform to moral standards acceptable to society ' So , why bother...

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