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Why have you chosen your particular major (finance) and how do you expect our university to help to achieve your academic, personal and professional goals. Your intersest, strenghts, and talents in the university, what would you bring to this university

College Entrance Essay

I have always loved reading financial columns in the news . As I severally try to evaluate the figures and graphs in these columns , I ask myself what these figures and graphs meant . I guess that was the foundation of my interest in finance

As I grew , it became obvious to me that I have a flare for issues on investment and business generally . This flare of mine has made me dream of owning a business someday

Owing to this reason , I considered it prudent for me to learn more

about my choice of profession and get equipped for the task ahead . I have long eyed your University with absolute interest , secretly hoping that I will be a student of your prestigious University . If my offer to study finance is accepted , it will allow me to learn the rudiments of business and investments and this will help in the realization of my dreams and aspirations

My interests are in the area of economics and related matters . My strengths are in the areas of calculation , commerce and economics . Apart from this , I am a (put what you love doing apart from your academic work here . What you know you are talented in

If admitted to be a student in your prestigious university , I make sure my wealth of experience as a ) is well utilized by joining the University 's team so that my talents are well utilized...

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