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Why you chose pharmacy as a career

A Career in Pharmacy


Since my childhood , I have been admiring the work of doctors pharmacists and other medical specialists , their courage , determination and dedication to their noble profession . That 's why I made up my mind to develop my own career on this field . As I had always been good in science , especially chemistry and biology , I started getting interested in pharmacy and pharmacology . I tried to integrate my general knowledge of chemistry with the specific information about chemical properties and biological effects of different groups of medications . This

helped me a lot to prepare myself well for my future occupation

I think that modern pharmacy is a rapidly developing and expanding professional field . It is the third largest health profession in our country . Specialists in pharmacy have very good demand and can develop their careers not only as the consultants in pharmacy shops , but also as the employees of hospitals , specialized clinics or health care centers as well as medical laboratories or research centers . Nowadays pharmacists play new significant roles and shoulder more responsibilities to help relieve the stress on the current healthcare system

I am particularly attracted by this occupation due to its dynamism flexibility and opportunity to deal with the patients , who have different types of health problems . I think that I have good social skills and personal qualities for doing this job well , because I always liked working and communicating with people , supporting them , looking for ways to give them positive emotions and stimulate their will for recovery . I suppose , it is incomparable pleasure to feel people 's trust appreciation and gratitude for the work you are doing

That is why in the future I would not prefer working as a developer or a researcher in the lab . Working in a community setting (for example , in a pharmacy shop , dealing with different patients , advising them on the selection and providing them with information about one or another medicine can be the best choice for me . Certainly , I understand all the responsibilities and possible difficulties I can face , but I am ready to be always on feet and work long hours , nights and weekends , because people may need medicines at any time

Also , I do not mind starting my career in a hospital , a clinic or other health care facility , where I would be a pharmacist , consulting medical personnel on properties and effects of drugs and other medical issues . I think , I am a good and responsible team member , so I can work together with therapists , physicians or other health practitioners . I enjoy very much any form of collaboration with other people on solving one or another problem , because it brings me more opportunities to socialize and to learn new things

I find my future career to be highly rewarding . It is a great honor to help dozens of people every day , to sustain their hopes for better , to bring long-awaited relief and positive changes into their lives . In addition , it is important that I...

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