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Why did you chose to apply to UCF?

When I first bothered to think about college and what I wanted to accomplish in life , three things popped in my mind - serve other people enjoy and improve in basketball and earn a reputable degree

I 'm a 17-year old high school student who at this early stage in life knows for sure what I want . I want to serve my community and become an integral part of it . This is the first reason why I decided on trying my luck in the University of Central Florida . Currently , on my spare time I

work as a therapeutic counselor at a recreational park for disabled children . I have completed 146 volunteer hours , exceeding the required 75 hours . This is because I enjoy what I do and would definitely want to continue giving a little of myself to those in need . The College of Health and Public Affairs will allow me this . It will provide me the opportunity to silently contribute to better health care and an improved society while educating me . As this is the college 's norm of making its students aware of what they will eventually be doing once they earn their degree , for me , it 's like hitting two birds with one stone . I learn while I serve

The second thing I consider a necessity in my college years is the game of basketball . I 'm a self-declared basketball fanatic - not as a spectator , but a good player . I 'm a part of the school 's varsity team which I guess , proves that I actually do have skills in this game . I want to share this talent with UCF and explore the possibility of becoming one of NBA 's athletic trainers . UCF , through their Athletic Training Program , will teach me the basics and sharpen the skills that I already possess

The third and the most important thing which I thought of is that if I want to succeed in life , I should work hard to earn my degree from a university that is known for quality education . I do not want to be imprisoned behind the university walls the whole time I am completing my degree . I want real world experience . I want to hear insights and stories from professors and educators who have been there themselves - physical therapists who have gained respect in the field that they chose . UCF , from word of mouth and my own basic research , is just what I 'm looking for . It will help me earn my doctorate in PT and prepare me to open my very own PT Office one day - providing service to people in need and doing it not just in any way but the UCF way...

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