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Why I choose the field of Diagnostic Radiography and why at Malcolm X College

Why I choose the field of Diagnostic Radiography and why at Malcolm X College

My name is Helen Thompson . I developed a keen fascination and interest in the skeletal structure of the human body in high school . I knew that I should have pursued a degree in radiology when I entered college but certain events conspired to prevent me from pursuing that dream . I wanted to take up Radiology even then because of my intense interest in discovering how the interconnected skeletal and muscular structure is defined in a living human specimen

. I knew that the whole system could be captured on film if I were a radiologist . But , like I said , I ended up graduating with a degree in Pharmacy instead . A degree that although also a part of the Health Care Sciences , was not really the fulfillment of my lifelong ambition

For the past 10 years , I have been working as a Certified Senior Pharmacy Technician at Walgreen 's Pharmacy . My current job has given me the ability and experience that allows me to work with all social classes and races . My experience working as a Pharmacist has also given additional knowledge and understanding of various medical terms as used by doctors that I know will come in handy in my Radiology class lectures , discussions , exams , and assignments . It has given me the confidence to be able to hold my own in a medical based conversation and educated me as to the limitations of the effectiveness of medications and its effect on the human body

Recently , I found myself asking myself "What if I became a Radiologist " and decided that I cannot live my life with that unanswered question . This is why I chose to chase after my almost forgotten dream . I convinced myself that it isn 't too late to see my dream come true . After all , I already have the pre-requisite courses tucked under my belt . My foundation in the subjects of Bio 121 , Bio 226 Health Science 102 , which are all Radiology related courses are where I excelled at in college . I received an A in Bio 121 because of the excellent work I turned in for my lessons in Replication of DNA Chromosome Structure , Meiosis I and II . I also took Bio 226 , a class where I had to work with cadavers . While I was taking this class , my thoughts revisited my fascination with seeing the human skeletal system in its pristine , untouched framework . I remembered my dream of becoming a radiologist but decided it was not yet the right time for me to pursue that avenue . I took this foundation a step further . I am currently attending classes in Bio 227 , another Radiology related class where the lessons concentrate on the Reproductive and cardiovascular system

The reason I chose to seek admission at Malcolm X College is because just like its heroic namesake , I believe it will give me a great opportunity to learn about my roots and help me make my dreams...

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