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Why I should I be awarded a book stipend or scholarship from the Hillsborough Alliance of Black School Educators (HABSE)

Money for Books

I have always believed that I was placed in this world for a reason . My parents were not well-off , and we could only afford to survive by the day . Regardless of this predicament , I want to change my path and become someone in society . Proving my capabilities would be difficult , but I know that I would be able to pursue my dream of becoming a Physical therapist or even an athletic trainer for the NBA or the NFL

To prove myself , I participated in numerous activities that would help

me grow emotionally and physically . I was fortunate enough to be a part of our basketball varsity team . Through my involvement , I was able to build enough confidence needed to help me get through with life However , I felt that there was something else missing . I participated in a volunteer program that catered to the needs of the disabled children and completed 145 hours of the service , which I found very fulfilling Eventually , I was hired by the All People 's Recreational Park to continue on with my service

My work entailed me to be of great assistance to children who had disabilities . I worked with a pure heart , for it is in this field that I found my calling . I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of many through my actions . One of the parents greatly appreciated my work , and regardless of the color of my skin , asked me to care for...

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