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Why I want to be an army officer

Running Head : Why I want to be an Army Officer

Why I want to be an Army Officer

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Why I want to be an Army Officer

I once have dreamt of being an Army Officer because on my high school days I was the Battalion S3 of our Citizen Army Training (CAT ) in our school . Being an officer , you get the attention and respect a person wants hence the responsibility of it is commensurate to what you get For example

, if the cadets in your squad misbehaves and becomes disorganized , the person to blame is the officer . Now , you will take the punishment for them because you have not handled them well . The chain of command determines one 's hierarchy so if you are in the middle of that chain , I think you will be having a spoonful . The battalion S3 is in-charge with the training of upcoming officers so teaching them well is the passing of tradition and the excellence of being and officer . It was such a nice experience back then but when you look at it in deeper perspective , you will see how difficult it is for people being involved with wars . There is no war in Citizen Army Training . It is only made to develop discipline and apply the knowledge of the military into the high school curriculum hence it triggers critical thinkers mind to imagine the life of being out in the open . War takes lives . Lives of the people you once have been in training with . At this point , everything is real We can make no mistakes . Lives are at stake . An army officer must take good care of his squad in for them to survive also the squad members should have full compliance with their officers , as we called it as blind-obedience . The responsibility to the prestige and honor of being an officer is detrimental

Machiavelli (1950 ) once said that it 's better to be feared than to be loved . Applying this to the situation of army officers , an officer r should be feared by his squad and lead them well in battle rather than being loved and perish with thoughts of it . An officer is a leader and a leader is a preserver . Preserve the lives of your subordinates and be rewarded with the pleasures of gratitude and honor . An army officer 's job is not a hoax it takes pride , bravery and intelligence


Machiavelli , N (1532 ) The Prince and The Discourses . New York : Modern Library ,1950 , pp . 103-105 Retrieved from http /www .constitution .org /mac /prince17 .htm on March 8 , 2008

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