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Why did President Johnson choose to Americanize the war in Vietnam?

Why did President Johnson choose to Americanize the war in Vietnam


In 1954 , North Vietnam along with China and the Soviet Union planned to overtake South Vietnam and support a rebellion that will eventually make them under the Communist rule . As any country would have it , South Vietnam did not welcome the idea . Communism will take away most of what can be enjoyed by the Vietnamese . It was for many a walk to the path of death . Even before the communism rule started , it called on the help of the United

States to help stop the threat that was imposed to them (Nixon , 1969

America did not think twice in lending aid . President Eisenhower immediately sent the humanitarian and military aid that South Vietnam has initially requested . In 1962 , President Kennedy took his turn by sending 16 ,000 military personnel to Vietnam . The personnel were sent for dialogues as advisers . In 1965 , combat forces were sent by President Johnson . Right at that , the Great War broke loose . Everybody had President Johnson to blame (Nixon , 1969

The War Math

When President Nixon took his post as president-elect on 1969 , the Vietnam War was already in its lean fourth year . At the time , 31 ,000 Americans have been killed in combat . A whopping 540 ,000 were still deployed across Vietnam - and there were no near-future plans of pulling even a little number out . The trainings that were supposedly planned to help the Vietnamese were unorganized and unsystematic . There were virtually no trainings being made at all . The plans were futile and senseless

Many Americans have touted almost all presidents who took post to stop the war immediately . By immediately , they wanted the president to issue a statement right at the moment that he is taking peace initiatives and will therefore pull out the American forces from Vietnam . Yet President Nixon explained that such request is easier said than done . It will never be automatic for a president to pull out war troops from a country even if the whole nation is screaming for the same to be done (Nixon 1969

For one , the Vietnam War has already caused many lives and pulling out the troops will mean surrendering . While pride matters the point of contention is really that surrendering will put the lives of those who died and went into danger in vain . While casualties , as much as possible , should be avoided , the only way to do it is by fighting harder than not fighting anymore (Nixon , 1969

The Johnson War , so to speak

President Johnson certainly felt that Americans should win the Vietnam struggle . The combat forces were of strong character , and their stance is threatening . Their presence shows that America is well and ready - no turning back . President Johnson sent them , and so it sparked the crossfire all across Vietnam . It started a years-long war that will forever mark the presidential career of President Lyndon Johnson

The war , if thought well , was not all President Johnson 's initiative The...

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