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Why Othello promoted Michael Cassio instead of Iago

The Impulsive and the Eager-Beaver

Why Othello Chose Michael Cassio Over Iago

Othello remains one of the more popular Shakespeare play . In fact , lots of books and scholarly essays have been written about this 1604 play mostly focusing on the race of the protagonist and the important role that the female characters Desdemona and Emilia plays in the tragedy that was to happen . Yet of the Othello critiques and articles ever tackled the reason as to why Othello actually appointed Michael Casio over Iago , who - as Iago himself professes - have been loyal

to him the past years . This will aim to expound on that particular issue

Although Iago found it easy to deceive a lot of people in the play (in Act 1 , he swayed Roderigo into helping him bring Iago down in Act 4 , he finally convinces Othello that Desdemona is indeed having an affair with Cassio and he also easily leads his wife into doing what he wants her to perform , Othello might still have had a notion that he is not as dependable as he poses himself to be . Even though events in the play portray the characters after the controversial ' appointment , it is still safe to say that characters were acting in the same manner they have just before the appointment . If that be the case , then Othello already glimpsed Iago as someone easily swayed by hearsays . This is proven by the conversation Othello and Iago had in the opening of Act 1 Scene 2 . Here , Iago warns Othello of what he 's been hearing about Barbantio 's anger , urging Othello to believe in his words without having to witness the anger firsthand (Shakespeare , 21

It was also this same conversation that puts to light Iago 's tendency to act on will . Even as he mentions that he did not act upon the Nine or ten times / [he] had thought t ' have yerked [Barbantio] here under the ribs , this very line goes to show that Iago - when provoked enough - will give in to violent whims

On the other hand , Michael Cassio - all throughout the play - proves to be the better choice . Though he has never set a squadron in the field , Cassio is a great arithmetician ' who can mathematically calculate his actions and do what is appropriate and not just what is dictated by his mere instincts (Shakespeare , 7-8 . Cassio 's obvious admiration and respect for Othello must have also played a big part on his rise to lieutenant-ship . In Act 2 , Scene 1 , we witness him revering Othello to Montano and two other gentlemen . Iago , for all his decision to stick with Othello , has never spoken so highly of the Moor

Iago may have decided to stay under Othello 's care for many years . But Iago was beaten by Cassio to the position he aspired for because the latter showed that he can better calculate his moves when in the field and that he has great respect for Othello - characteristics that Iago unfortunately...

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