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Paper Topic:

1. Why does Nora leave her family at the end of Ibsen’s play “A Doll House”?

Ironic as it may , Nora was actually the one who looked after her family all this time , especially when Torvald got sick

To the society Nora lived an ideal life . She lived in a great house with her beautiful and well educated children . She had a generous husband She went to luxurious parties . Her life was complete . In fact , she had exactly the kind of life those simple minded women , such as Kristina dreamed of . However , Nora painfully discovered the emptiness of her existence . Nora stumbled upon the lie meant to deceive women

from reaching their true potential . The middle class morality of her time trained society to believe that a woman 's role is strictly confined within the walls of her house . Like a doll , she must always concern herself with her appearance . She must never grow wings of independence lest she takes up the guts to fly away from her cage , which , by the way is also idealized as cozy place of comfort and fulfillment

In conclusion , Nora 's decision to forsake her family despite of the moral implications of her act is a courageous step that she must take in to find her identity . Nora liberated herself from the unjust categorization of women . She renounced the patriarchal teachings and challenged the norm by standing up for her own choice . All her life Nora was handed down with stereotypical roles and images that she never chose for herself . She was never given the right to decide her own path . Her act also served as a wake up call to other women out there who are continuously being brainwashed to become perfect mechanical dolls . The vicious cycle of infantilization of women will keep perpetrating over and over as long as women continue on instituting the same ideology used to...

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