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Why I want to be a Navy Officer

Running Head : NAVY OFFICER

Why I want to be a Navy Officer




The navy is a military organization of a country which encompasses the sea , air , and missile force (Miller , 2005 . It acts in defense of the country as a part of the military and security force (Miller , 2005 . The organization has to work during both the times of security threats and the times of peace and (Miller , 2005 . With such a heavy task , it

has grown to be an organization with a high degree of hierarchical structure and ( US Navy ' n .d

There are few , yet very important , reasons why I would want to join the organization as a Navy Officer . First , it is a good organization to grow with since it develops the career path of its personnel . With a college degree , one could easily move from the starting point as an Ensign to a Lieutenant Junior Grade in two years (Navy .com , n .d . a . After which from that position , one could climb to Lieutenant , Lieutenant Commander Commander , and Captain with every additional two years , nine to 11 years , 15 to 17 years , and 21 to 23 years respectively (Navy .com , n .d a . The career growth and development is laid down before the personnel and this is available as long as the work credentials meet the qualifications

Second , there is an opportunity given to the personnel to learn further studies . This is done through their training and development programs at the corresponding academic institutions . This becomes available during off-duty time where Navy Officers with qualified ranks could pursue a master 's degree with the Navy Tuition Assistance (Navy .com , n .d . b When the Navy officer opts to pursue graduate studies as a full-time student , this is also available with the Navy 's sponsorship (Navy .com n .d . b . If given the chance , Navy Officers could also have the chance to attend the Naval War College and other institutions of the same level and have the chance of achieving the Joint Service Designator

Lastly , the benefits and compensation for a Navy Officer also surpasses the standard wages in the labor market . They also care for the welfare of the personnel up to the personal needs


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