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Why I am Interested in a Health Related Field

Why I am Interested in a Health Related Field

Health is wealth . These are short but very meaningful words that have been inculcated in my mind by most elderly people that I have met in my life . For many , the absence of any illness or disability is a measure of a healthy person and a healthy living . It is difficult to contradict this assumption since a person without health problems tend to function independently and effectively . Health is not only a fundamental human right . The World Health Organization (1948 ) viewed health as

a state of complete physical , mental and social wellbeing , and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity . The promotion of health and the achievement of this world-wide social goal require the action of social services , economic and health sectors as well as personal resources and physical capabilities . Due to the magnitude of services that are needed in the field of health and my passion for volunteer work and community service , I would like to be involved in providing therapy and rehabilitation services to the elderly and those who have health-related problems

Early in life , I have been involved in various community and voluntary services , e .g . encouraging and helping the neighbors segregate their garbage , taking the sick to nearby health centers , visiting the elderly who are in the nursing homes or living away from their families , helping children with special needs , talking and listening to the elderly and attending to their basic needs . In my years of...

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