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Why I Will Be a Great Occupatioal Therapist Assistant

br Why I Will Be A Great Occupational Therapist Assistant

There are some patients whose illnesses affect their physical capability causing them to have an impaired function in their daily live . These are the people who are always in need of physical assistance in accomplishing their daily tasks . I see these kinds of situations everyday in the nursing home where I work . These patients are almost like babies because they cannot do anything for themselves even if they want to . It broke my heart to see the same heart wrenching situation every

single day that I went to work . There was something tugging at my heart strings each time I helped my ward pick up a spoon or hold a glass of water to drink . I helped them even though they were protesting and insisting that they could do the activity on their own . I affected me emotionally each time their motor abilities failed them and they began to cry out of frustration over their situation . I decided that in to ease my conscience , I would have to find a way to help these patients become independent in one way or another

I did some research regarding the field of medicine where I could learn to help these patients . My path led me directly to the door of Patient Therapy . Occupational Therapy to be exact . Upon finding out that this type of therapy dealt directly with helping the patient gain independence by helping them develop their motor skills after a debilitating illness , or even help them devise a different way of doing things differently if that particular motor function is irreversibly impaired , I knew that I my quest had come to an end . I had discovered the way to help the patients who needed it the most

Since I currently work in a nursing home , I know that I will be a very good Occupational Therapy Assistant . I already see how the occupational therapists at the nursing home work with the patients . I am familiar with the methods they use and I have spoken to them about what the job entails . After months of soul searching , I have come to the conclusion that I am a perfect candidate for this course . I am a compassionate , caring , and highly patient person . I have an eye for the needs of my patients and , even without the training , I have already tried my best to help them regain their independence in regard to their everyday physical functions

Once I am educated in this area , I will be able to help my patients even more because I will already know the proper methods and equipment to use in helping them regain as much independence in their lives as possible . As it is , I already help the Occupational Therapists in the nursing home by assisting them in the rehabilitative activities of the patients . I already help the patient accomplish some simple exercises in the morning before they get dressed . Such is a partial job...

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