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Why Edouard Mancts paintings easier to get peoples attention, or what special methods the artist had used?

To have a deeper understanding of the French modernist painter Edouard Manet (1832-1883 ) and his masterpieces , together with his contemporaries , first we have to delve into the art movement that they have pioneered - Impressionism . But before that , it is just proper to discuss Realism , the movement that came before it

The rising Modern Age was trying to emancipate ' the individual along with establishing industrialization , scientific thinking , etc . Modern man was no longer bound to religious inhibitions and mythological baggage that the classical /feudal system imposed . Artists were now concerned with problems

that fascinated the intellectuals and skeptics Therefore , Realism suggested that the artists must portray the truth as how they see it not idealized , not romanticized (Thinking About Art

Later , as western art movements were usually in reaction to the previous trend , a new breed of artists looked at painting in another perspective Expectedly , Impressionists received heavy disapproval from critics and the public , like how Realists were welcomed when they were still beginning . Like many stylistic labels , Impressionism ' was first used by a critic in a disparaging sense , in their case , a journalist . The conventional wisdom was that painting should depict the truth it should capture the underlying structure of natural forms regardless of who saw them or when they were seen . But to the Impressionists , feeling and structure were substantially abandoned . Instead of emphasizing their thoughts and emotions , these painters attended to their optical sensations and to them alone . The Impressionists applied a nineteenth-century scientific knowledge to the representation...

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