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Why i Desire to be an alpha man

Why I Desire to be an alpha man

Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity truly shows what brotherhood really is Amongst the fraternities I have known , only Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity caught my attention . I have seen how each member shows concern and love amongst each other . Each member sees to it that his brother is in good hands thus , they keep one another . Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity treats each member with respect and never force to do things that will destroy the future of its members . This brotherhood is a true friend in bad

br times and in good times a brotherhood that extends each hand with each other . When someone amongst each member has a problem , this brotherhood immediately gives its support and never leaves its members in trouble Since I have learned about Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity , a desire to be in this group creeps inside my heart . This is the group I have been longing for . This brotherhood knows how to value each other and helps each member to build confidence within him . It is a fact that everyone needs love and I can sense from this brotherhood that it is full of love . To join in Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity and be an Alpha man is a great honor I will be glad if I will be accepted from this brotherhood because I know I can learn many beneficial things from them like how to value each other as brothers

I strongly believe that Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity can help me develop my future because of the great contributions that Alpha Phi Alpga Fraternity has going to share to me...

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