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Why I think Albert Einstein is a hero.






Why I think Albert Einstein is a hero

Albert Einstein has been rightly claimed to be the most influential contributor in the field of Pure and Applied Physics in the twentieth century (Pais and Penrose 3 . Through his intellectual thinking and experimentation Albert Einstein managed to develop various scientific theories as well as discoveries . Among his outstanding discoveries is the law of photoelectric effect (Naik . Just to be appreciated is the fact that he was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics following

this discovery (Naik . In 1926 , Einstein co-invented the Einstein refrigerator with one of his former students (Naik . This was termed as one of the most revolutionary refrigerators of the time as it lacked any moving parts

Through his numerous theories on general relativity , Einstein asserted that gravitation is a distortional force on the structures of space and time by matter , which impact inertia forces of motion on another matter (Born 23 . Indeed , this has been praised by many as one of the greatest expressions of the human mind and is still applied by scientists up to date . Other theories by Einstein are the Theory of critical opalescence and the Unified field theory (Pais , and Penrose 143 . To qualify his principles , Albert Einstein engaged in various experimental research works . This essay is written as a discussion of the theories experiments , and discoveries by Albert Einstein

First is a discussion on the theories by Albert Einstein . Einstein established the Theory of critical opalescence , which...

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