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Whose speech is better

Running Head : Essay Review

Essay Review : Whose Speech is better





Donna Jo Napoli 's article entitled Whose Speech is better discusses the issues of language variation . The author describes how language changes through time . Napoli does not only conclude one single case in her essay , she elaborates every detail that the linguistic readers should understand . She also based her claims through observations , teachings , experiments , and some historical facts . Though this , she could provide better analysis on language variation . In the beginning of the

essay , Napoli describes her assertion with simple and plain speech but as the issue of the goes on , the author discusses relevant information , arguments , debates , and claims of two sides especially in the construction of It 's me ' and It 's I ' Napoli 's arguments are simple but convincing because she does not depend on the technical formations alone but also through the casual utterances of common people . From this , the author justifies her claim in a narrow but specific perspective . Therefore , the central claim of the author is to discuss and analyze the language variation in a common situation rather than through technical implications made by the grammatical rules

As I searched for the full citation of the article , I could not find the publisher and date of publication - only the author 's name and title of the are existent all over the essay . However , in the last page of the , there is a bibliographical part that shows the...

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