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Who killed the electric Cars

Who Really Killed the Electric Car

The electric car has been a ray of hope in solving the world 's emission problems since a huge amount of carbon dioxide and air pollutants come from vehicles . The birth of the electric car has been involved in a lot of controversy since it was removed from the streets faster than it was built . General Motors initially held a strong interest in developing these cars they called the EV1 but all of a sudden decide that they want to end the project . The car company may

have been the one who built the new electric car but it is also the one who killed it

Even if General Motors will never confirm it , the decision to scrap all the manufactured EV1 's is a result of business interests . GM knows that pursuing the electric car will have negative impacts on the traditional car industry . If ever the electric car becomes an economical and efficient mode of transportation , it will replace the conventional cars on the road leading to the fall of the fossil fuel car . It will cannibalize sales of conventional cars . The absence of an engine in an electric car means less replacement parts and maintenance costs for drivers . This will in turn affect profits coming from the sale of car parts . For instance , the EV1 has a regenerative braking system which protects it from wear and tear this will cause the industry to lose money from the sale of brake parts...

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