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Whistle-Blowing in organizations and their effects

Whistle blowing in organizations and their effects



Entering the beginning of the 21st century , we encounter several unethical business practices that are disclosed by the whistle blowers such as Enron , and WorldCom cases to name a few . While question about how the giant companies could not detect the possibility of such illegal acts at earlier stages is still an enigma , there are still many cases similar to Enron case waiting to be disclosed

In to ensure the creation of healthy working environment employees as members of business organizations

may take several actions One of the actions that employees may take is whistle blowing Considering that whistle blowing leads to negative impact for the blower , it is imperative that any person that intends to whistle blowing to do it effectively . Sherron Watkins , the person who blew the whistle on Enron , is considered an example of an effective whistle-blower

Due to the importance of whistleblower in preventing America into deep crisis and to bring back the stakeholder trust on stock market , the newly-elected U .S . president , Barrack Obama states their promises to protecting workers who blow the whistle . His promises include bringing transparency and accountability of corporate America

Concerning the whistleblowers , this will discuss several aspects on whistleblowers that compose of several issues as following

Discuss the whistle blowing and describe some famous cases on the whistle blowing

Elaborate the development of laws by both congress and rules from organizations

Explain the necessity of having one 's employees...

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