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Paper Topic:

What similarities and differences do you see between the collapse of the Han dynasty and the fall of the Roman Empire?






Comparison Between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

The Han dynasty came to be after the Qin dynasty yielded to Liu Bang 's resistance at Wei valley . This success came due to the long sustained efforts to revolutionize the empire after the first the death of the first emperor . People had gotten tired of Qin 's legalist leadership Though Han dynasty made several changes in the government , it still reflected some Qin 's traditions . On the other hand , the Roman

Empire had a republican government and came to be after Augustus managed to restore peace in Rome which was enjoyed for the next two hundred years . Many of the factors that led to the decline and to the eventual fall of both the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were somehow related

The key focus of this will be to dig deeper in the history of the two empires , analyze them and compare their similarities and differences

Both Han Dynasty and Roman Empire were powerful entities in their time They started and progressed very well only to face their inevitable death at the end . For example , the Han dynasty was very influential and popular in Asia in the Korean Peninsula in Asia for a period of about 400 years and the same applied to the Roman Empire which occupied the stretch between the British Isles all the way to the present day Iraq region . This empire was very successful and...

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