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Paper Topic:

What methods are used to measure personality? Explain pros and cons of each method and choose the best method in your opinion.

Running head : Measuring personality







Personality refers to the character traits which makes a person unique It describes the particular and unique manner . It is therefore the uniqueness that distinguishes one person from another . The word personality comes from a Latin word persona which means a mask . People 's behavior and character traits are not however masked or acted , they depict the real individual Personality of a person is fairly consistent for a long period of time and tends to be exhibited

consistently when a person is subjected to similar situations . Personality includes the belief one hold and the values one considers good or bad . Different theories have been devised to explain personality based on the character traits of a person biological view , psychoanalytical perspective , learning capability view cognitive and phenomenological views . All these perspectives aims at establishing why different individuals in the same environment would behave differently while faced with the same situations

Different methods of measuring personality

Different ways of measuring or assessing personality have been implemented by different psychologists and researchers . On of the mostly used method is the use of personality traits . In this method psychologists try to identify the traits of a person by looking at the behaviors exhibited by an individual over a period of time . A trait in this method is said to be a frequently recurrent behavior of an individual which then forms part of his personality...

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