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Welchs Juice Co.

Running head : WELCH FOODS INC

Welch Foods , Inc



Welch Foods , Inc

5 . Evaluation of SWOT Analysis

Based from the SWOT analysis given on the previous page , the ability of Welch 's Food Inc . to provide innovative and a lot reasonable fund for research and development in to maintain the quality of their products line is something that they must be proud off . Furthermore this strength of Welch 's on giving premium treatment for their customers and consumers has been the main ingredient of their success for the

past years . In addition to this , to think that Welch has been in the juice manufacturing industry gave enough room for them to establish good reputation to their target market and rely on the brand loyalty from their customers . The acquisition of National Grapes to Welch 's serve as the bridge towards the financial stabilization the latter and provide sure supply of grapes for their production . The two board system of the National Grape and Welch Food Inc . provide flexibility for the latter since every board member represent vital areas of its business operation . The aggressive expansion of Welch not only on their operation but also on their product lines contributes for their successful market penetration on their target market since they always secure their products to be in line with the tastes and preferences of their market segment . All of the internal strengths of Welch were accompanied by their impressive and unique marketing strategies which add up to the popularity of Welch 's products in the market and reputation of the company itself

Despite of all the strengths and opportunities on the hands of Welch tight market competition budge its corporate stability and market dominance since their competitors used price competition in to undercut Welch (Netmba .com , 2008 . With more funds on their hand , new competitors of Welch used this advantage to attract more customers in the market . but this threat can still be solve through cutting down the prices of Welch relative to their competitors since it 's the only way in to win back the loss sales that they experienced by the entry of new market players in the industry . There is a great possibility that customers will start shifting back to the side of Welch if they cut down their prices since they already have a good reputation , high quality and innovative products , and a lot of variety of juices to choose from Price is the main factor of consumption of consumers , therefore if Welch , alongside with its advantages , can provide cheaper juice products to the market there is a great chance of beating their competitors . In this regard , it is clear that the internal strengths of Welch would make it a lot easier for the company to restore their market dominance through giving what their customers wants - cheaper products

6 . Analysis of the Corporate Strategy Level

The acquisition of National Grape to Welch just supported the mission of the latter which is to...

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