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Week 2 DQs

Week 2 DQs

DQ 1 - Which of the planets or the moons in our solar system is of most interest to you why

Among all the neighboring planets in the solar system , the planet Mars becomes the most intriguing and controversial among all because of its significant potentials to support life as similar to the planet Earth Exploration and scientific studies analyzing the planet Mars has established some of its life-supporting capabilities namely the presence of water ice in its two polar ice caps . At the present , the planet cannot hold

water in its liquid form because of its thin and weak atmosphere however , it has also been determined that the water quantity being held inside the two ice regions are sufficient enough to supply the entire planet giving it life-supporting conditions . In addition , the discovered marks and geographic characteristics of the planet indicates that it is likely that the planet once hold water in its surface such as the presence of river ridges and microscopic rock forms . Indeed , the qualities and characteristics of the planet Mars gives hope of finding another planet that shelters life in the solar system

DQ 2 - Suppose today you were in charge of NASA 's planetary exploration program . What would you choose as your planetary mission priorities for the next 20 years ? What kind of mission and goals would you do , and how would you convince the US congress to support you financially

Being in charge of the NASA 's planetary exploration program , the author of this will likely choose the planet Mars as the mission priorities for the next 20 years . This is mainly because the said planet holds significant characteristics and potential to become or have once became home to life . Included in this program are several missions of surface exploration particularly the Polar Regions of the planet Atmospheric studies including the significant gases in it , the historical dating of the planet based on its geological features , and the exploration of the inner regions of its barren surface . Convincing the government for funding is not easy as these missions will require significant amount of financial resources however , doing this exploration on the view of finding another terrestrial planet and the possibility of existing life in this planet will be quite a convincing argument for this program

DQ 3 - Politicians often argue over whether planetary missions are worth the money . Based on what you have learned by comparing the geologies of the terrestrial worlds (Mercury through Mars , do you think the missions that have given us this knowledge have been worth their expense ? Defend your position

In the aspect of space exploration , the financially funding issue is said to be among the most complicated factor in organizing such programs . Most politicians have argued that most of the previous planetary missions are quite expensive without any significant results However , considering the results of these missions , one can actually argue that these astronomical expeditions produce significant results in terms of knowledge and information . Consider...

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