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Paper Topic:

Week 3 Assignment


This is a 3 page on plan for gathering requirements of the system It has 1 source and is in APA format . The discusses the plan for determining the requirements of the Student Information System

Running Head

Plan for gathering requirements of the System

[Name of the Institution]



Plan for gathering requirements of the Student Information System


The purpose of this document is to study and analyze the requirements of the Student Information System . The success or failure of a system depends upon

the proper collection and documtation of requirements from the customer . This document states in a clear and precise manner what is to be built

Plan for gathering requirements of the Student Information System

The requirements are the building blocks of a system it enables the development team to understand the business logics of the system , which later will be translated in to software . It is carried out in the initial phases of the system development life cycle , the primary objective is on what customer want and it should not be on how it should be achieved . Reports have shown that the main reason for software failure is : the developing teams try to make the requirements fit existing system , rather than to develop a system that fulfills the needs of the customer . Following are the guidelines and important principals for developing a successful plan for gathering requirements

Usually user does not know what they want most of the time user expects more or all from the system analyst system analyst try to focus on the requirements of the user rather than wish lists of the user user is unaware of computer jargon and software development process , system analyst should use non technical language for communication user tries to skip some processes or steps and assumes that the system analyst knows it , but usually system analyst are not familiar with it

Finally my information gathering activity started last week when I went to Fast Institute for interviewing the employees and analyzing their work . During my initial visits , I have gathered the following information

The employees of different departments of the institute are unable to run the system properly and are facing lot of problems in storing and retrieving the information . Major problem is each department is independently saving the information and lot of time of students is wasted in gathering information , there should be sharing of information between these departments

Accounts department is maintaining the fees records of the students on Excel sheets . Fees charging criteria for normal and scholarship student are different and are applied manually . Accounts department is unaware of the actual amount to be received from the student , and are unable to generate defaulters list . They are facing difficulties in generating payrolls for teachers and non teaching staff . Account department progress is not satisfactory mostly there is miscalculation in student fees , expenses , ledgers and income statements , and balance sheets

General and academic information of the students are stored in different...

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