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Website analysis

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November 13 , 2005

The Apple .com Website 's Lost Vision : How Consumerism Has Consumed the Apple

The history of Apple Computers Inc . has little discernible impact on its present day corporate website . Therein it projects no attempt to construct a public image . The corporation 's website apparently is content to derive a public image from elsewhere , be it from its cult past or its consumer electronics storefront present . They may assume the consumer is already in the know about their products

. The site shows things for you , the personal indulgences . There is no vision or no soul no neighborhood of dignity or respectability , and no narrative . There is a catalog of products with their features described and listed . The Apple products tab of the former Apple Computers has escaped out into the front page . There is no effort expended on presenting to the public any motifs or metaphors to represent a hoped-for image as a cultural conception . It is Apple now , not Apple Computers

When it was Apple Computers , the corporation had its flops . The Apple Computer executives introduced the Newton in 1993 . They characterized it as having a bit of Buck Rogers in it (Newfangled Technology , par . 2 . It would change the world , they said . It wasn 't shrinking the computer . It was about making things easier . The Newton would be a revolution for the pocket . The Newton was intended to reinvent personal computing , perhaps somewhere between a desktop and a laptop , but it became bogged down in a feature fetish and it was seen as a possible threat to the personal PC that Apple Computers then had as a going concern - the Macintosh . It ended as a peripheral to the Mac . The corporation executives did not then avoid some rather grandiose comments in describing its capabilities . The present corporate website has the usual hyperbole in product but no visionary introductions like the Newton

It was called the Newton because of Isaac Newton 's supposed presence when an apple had fallen from a tree at the aha ! moment of the formulation of the concept of gravity by Newton . Very early on Steve Jobs thought the symbolic illustration for Apple Computers should be Newton under the tree with the apple . Jobs and Steve Wozniak are usually credited with being the big guns of the early Apple Computers . What is called a rainbow apple with a bite in it became the symbol . The apple was green , yellow , red , and blue . This rainbow apple was around until 1998 . Now it is a single bland color . At the present website the apple is there as a tiny tab indicator . There is absolutely no feeling of aha about the site . Blue and purple predominate in the tabbed links of the site

This is a rather humble front end for what has commonly been noted to be a Fortune 500 corporation that did alter the industry on more than one occasion while having an unorthodox corporate...

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