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Website Review Assignment

Website Review Assignment

The website HYPERLINK "http /www .ancientgreece .com www .ancientgreece .com is an interactive web location that serves as a reference point for the history and philosophy behind Greek contributions in the various art forms used in the rituals of basic everyday living to sacred cultural convention . The homepage incorporates quotes from famous scholars , such as , Aristotle and Archimedes , and a menu of thumbnail pictures that link to indepth summaries , examples , and pictures of Greek art , architecture , history the Olympic Games , wars , geography , mythology , people , culture , and society

. The Forum is a message board to share and discuss Greek related scholastic s and issues , and to meet and talk to other students and professors . The Essays section allows the user to browse ancient Greek essays in the s listed above . It is also possible for anyone to upload an essay to discuss it with the other users . Help Build the Foundations is the place to contribute shared knowledge photos , and comments on articles or essays , discuss s , or submit essays . The photo gallery holds pictures and information on famous artifacts , marble sculptures , and paintings . The course directory can be utilized to put people in touch with universities that offer Ancient Greek studies . The website also offers a glossary , and a bookstore with DVDs , posters , and books for purchase . For full access to the site you must register

Ancient Greece is considered the center of art and intellect . Religion dominated Greek life and that is exposed through their art...

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