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Waterborne diseases


Shigellosis pertains to the bacterial infection caused by the pathogen Shigella spp . The infection generally results in a severe condition characterized by diarrhea , as well as abdominal cramps (Geo et al 2007 . The infection may become life-threatening if the medical attention is not given to the patient immediately . Shigellosis is still currently considered as a public health concern because it is often reported in places where poor hygiene and unsafe practices are implemented with regards to water supply . The bacteria species Shigella only affects human beings and thus it

is important that this pathogen be detected and controlled as soon as possible

Shigella is taxonomically classified under the family Enterobacteriaceae , which are small Gram-negative bacteria . This bacterial species is classified further into four serotypes , based on the lipopolysaccharide moiety on its cell membrane , namely S dysenteriae , S . flexneri , S . boydii and S . sonnei . The case report involving toddlers developing gastroenteritis after visiting a local water park is most possibly caused by S . dysenteriae , as this bacterium has already spread around the world . Shigellosis has been reported to generally affect children , with the highest incidence among toddlers of approximately one to four years old (Niyogi , 2005 . The infection is often observed to be more complicated if the infected child is malnourished because the bacterium may cause dysfunctional nutritional pathways , as well as a recurrence to the infection . The bacterium may also trigger the retardation in the growth of the child

Aside from these bacterial infections from unhygienic water supply...

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